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I did a thing...I got Certified!

Recently, with a pandemic going on and growing concern over a world post-COVID-19, I found myself with a little free time from a recent furlough. Initially, I struggled to figure out how to cope with the loss of income and the heartbreaking reality of many of my couples having to reschedule, but I quickly found the silver lining. This is really a gem of an opportunity.

Not only was it a gift of more time with my loved one and snuggly kitties at home, generally less stress, and the opportunity to tackle some of those nagging house projects, it was the ability to focus on my business and self-improvement. And how could I better serve my clients than furthering my education?

I have learned all of what I know through my many experiences in catering, a bridal shop, and working at a wedding venue, I guess what one may call the “School of Hard Knocks.” But how could I formally convey my skills and knowledge? Through a certification!

After some research, I signed up for the Lovegevity Certified Wedding and Event Planner course. I really appreciated the self-taught option and was able to move at a pace I felt comfortable with. Luckily, I had a bunch of time and could easily fly through chapters with all my previous experience and knowledge. I learned a lot, especially on how to focus on my business and how to plan for my future growth.

I am proud to announce that I am now formally certified! That’s right, a “certified” wedding planner and that has a nice ring to it. Now, it’s time to get moving on what that means for couples. Sure, it means I passed an exam, but more importantly, it means I am that much more skilled and knowledgeable on how to serve you. And if I don’t know something or am introduced to a new concept, it means I have a worldly network to reach out to and understand. It also means I’ll have continuing education to stay up-to-date with legal matters, trends, and available resources.

In short, I just became a better planner for you and I’m looking forward to when we can all reconnect and celebrate you again!

See you soon!



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