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Rachael & Riju - Elizabethtown, PA

To celebrate Miss Lyss Planning's 5-year anniversary, we're taking a trip down memory lane and reminiscing on our some of the most memorable weddings we've been a part of. This was so hard to narrow it down to just five, but each of these weddings just keeps being replayed in our heads and hearts.

As Rachael and Riju thought about their wedding day, they had two different ideas of how their marriage would be celebrated. And, as great partners do, they compromised and had not just one, but TWO, weddings!

The couple planned a destination wedding with close family and family in Mexico in May, and in July, a local wedding with all the traditional Hindu customs representing Riju's heritage.

The Hindu culture has some of the most beautiful wedding traditions that span over multiple days. Mehndi and sangeet ceremonies take place in the days leading up to the wedding ceremony just adding to the overall excitement of their marriage.

Under the warm July sun at Moonstone Manor, Rachael and Riju officially tied the knot. Well, officially by Hindu tradition! It is a beautiful ceremony rich with cultural rituals and symbolism.

Their day started with a traditional baraat, the groom's procession to the wedding. This is a period of live music and dancing. While some grooms come in on horse or elephant, Riju opted for a lovely, bright red BMW adorned with flowers. The setting at Moonstone Manor was perfect for this procession as a DJ and live drummer led Riju's family and friends from one end of the property to the other.

Once ready for the wedding, there are pre-ceremony traditions that welcome the families together. Rachael was then escorted into the ceremony by her sister. An example of the symbolism and tradition within Hinduism is the presence of an umbrella. The umbrella signifies protection, prosperity, and the eternal bond between the couple and shields the couple from any negative influences.

There are many traditions within the ceremony and luckily, the family provided a guide for those who would be unfamiliar with the occurring events. After the ceremony, a playful tradition is that the bride's party will take the groom's shoes and hold them at ransom. Prepared with cash and gifts, Riju successfully bought back his shoes. How fun!

As cocktail hour kicked off, filled with delicious Indian delicacies, the couple snuck away for some bridal portraits and then made an outfit change for the reception. I still can't decide which outfits I love more! Upon entering the reception, Rachael & Riju had their first dance in the clouds and sparks flying!

Under the sparkle from Moonstone Manor, the rest of the night unfolded with more dancing, laughter, and revelry.

We loved Rachael and Riju's celebration so much for all the color, tradition, and family that were part of the day.

Congratulations to you, Riju and Rachael! It was a wedding we'll never forget!

Vendor Credit:

Ceremony - Moonstone Manor (Elizabethtown, PA)

Photography - Aly V Photography

Videography - Beats and Focus

Coordination - Miss Lyss Planning

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