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Updates, Upgrades, and Moving on Up!

2020 was a hard year, that’s undeniable. But it was also a very important year of growth and planning for the future of Miss Lyss Planning (MLP) even if we never know what that exactly will entail.

I, Alyssa, spent a good part of the year figuring out what was important to me and what I wanted MLP to be. I want Miss Lyss Planning to obviously uphold our mission of advocating and advising couples for their big day, but I also want it to be bigger than that.

I want Miss Lyss Planning to be welcoming, sustainable, and scalable.

That may mean very little or a lot to you, depending on your situation. To me, this is my world. I want MLP to help walk you through the intricacies, difficulties, and stressful moments of wedding and event planning. And I want it to be accessible to so many more people. But I’m only one person.

So how can I do that?

This year, we’ve upgraded our technology to better serve you, the client. We’ve grown our team of assistants and added an associate planner. We’ve simplified, yet expanded our templates for better organization and delegation.

We have invested in education and officially became a “Certified Wedding Planner.” We are also in the middle of working through LGBTQ+ training to make sure we are welcoming to all.

We are donating to causes that matter and make a difference. We made a point to donate to specific racial equality groups, and also some personal organizations that are special to us. Because what are we doing if we cannot lift up and support others in the process of having a business?

2020 was a hard year. But life is what you make out of it. We are proud to have made it through the year and still been able to serve couples safely. We are looking forward to a better, brighter, healthier 2021 and help create more unforgettable days ahead.


Alyssa and the Miss Lyss Planning Team

Jackie (Associate Planner) and Alyssa (Owner/Lead Planner)

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