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Rehearsal, what's the big deal?

Lauren Driscoll Photography

You've dreamt about your wedding day for a long time, maybe since you were little, maybe not. Either way, it's right around the corner and you've been planning your big day for months now, right? Pedal to the metal you've figuring out the right colors, the most effective seating of guests, tasting the best menus, and busy planning every little detail.


Now, the day is almost here and you feel a little nervous? Anxious how it's all going to come together? Weary about the thought of standing in front of a bunch of people to say your vows?


Look, I know weddings are stressful, and we're here to help make that easier. That's why you've hired Miss Lyss Planning in the first place! We don't want to freak you out about a rehearsal. But here's what you need to know:

1. Your officiant does not have to be at rehearsal.

Trust me, it's great if they can be! We'll work together and make rehearsal go swimmingly. However, if they charge you more money to attend a rehearsal or are unable to make it because of schedule, or whatever other reason, it's completely okay! We'll review everything with them the day of. If they're a true professional, they'll know exactly what to do and have done it hundreds of times already!

2. Not every single member of the wedding party has to be there.

I repeat- the flower girl and ring bearers do not have to be there! If it's in the middle of naptime, or parents are not able to attend, it's okay! We'll help direct them when they arrive so they know what to expect. The same goes for any adults of the wedding party. Ultimately, they're just walking. Spacing and timing happen organically and we will be in the back helping to air traffic control.

3. Check your contract.

When scheduling your rehearsal time, take a look at your contract with your wedding venue. Most venues will include if an hour of rehearsal is included in your contract, and when you're able to schedule it. Some won't let you nail down a time and date until 8 weeks out. Others will reserve a Thursday evening for you or perhaps a morning-of time slot. Whatever this is, correspond to your planner so that we can make sure we've allotted time for your rehearsal in our schedules.

4. Timing for before and after rehearsal.

Rehearsal should not take longer than an hour. Often, we'll review other details of the wedding events, but the rehearsal itself should only take 20-30 minutes. However, we still need to be respectful of the time allotted by the venue and planner. Other couples may need the rehearsal space, or your planner may have to attend another rehearsal that evening. Please show up on time and prepared.

That said, also keep in mind the plans for a rehearsal dinner or gathering afterward. Take into account travel time and potential rush hour traffic and weather.


5. We love rehearsals!

It's a great opportunity to put names to faces that we've been hearing about the past couple of months. We also are able to establish some rapport with your wedding party so they know that we are there to help them at the wedding as well, and help them enjoy the day too.


We understand you may have nerves about standing in front of a lot of people and tripping down the aisle. But that's why we have rehearsals! To make sure you feel comfortable and confident about the ceremony piece of the wedding. Every couple we've worked with felt so much more at ease after rehearsal, we promise!

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