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Alyssa (she/her) - "Miss Lyss"

Hi there! I am a Lancaster County native, a current York, PA resident, a whoopie pie and champagne connoisseur, a nail polish fanatic, and a sucker for love!

I found my passion for weddings and events when I began working in catering at 14 where I truly learned the back-end logistics of weddings and personal grit. Long before that, I was always the one to help clean up dinner, help set up for family events, or be the last one to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves. I thrive off of managing teams to execute a client's vision, quick-thinking and problem-solving, and celebrating couple's love stories. With 10+ years in the industry, I finally made my personal decades-long dream come true by opening Miss Lyss Planning.

As someone who personally threw tradition to the wind on their own wedding day (we had a surprise wedding, happy to share all about it!), I fully support you and your partner doing your wedding, your way.

Truth is, although this company is my namesake, I am nothing without my team and the ladies who also make up Miss Lyss Planning.


Jackie (she/her) - Lead Planner

Hello! I am a dedicated mom of three, wife to one, and am passionate about bringing couples a day they'll never forget.

Quick to laugh, I look forward to really getting to know my couples and celebrating alongside them. I am a master at dress bustles after years of managing a bridal salon and love it when I can get creative with the couple's decor items.

I've been alongside Miss Lyss since day one and can't wait to celebrate you!

Our Values


to be of honest character and uphold the highest level of integrity

True collaboration and partnership are disingenuous without this assurance.


to welcome, support, and celebrate all love, cultures, religions, and beliefs

Because all are deserving of a celebration of their love, commitment, and uniqueness.


to roll our sleeves up and work hard, even when it's not the easiest or prettiest

We wouldn't ask our clients or vendor partners to do something we wouldn't do ourselves.

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