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A Private Property Wedding
Letter to the Neighbors

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Maybe getting married in an intimate place, like your parent's backyard or a family member's private property, had always been your wedding plan. Or maybe, the universe threw a wrench at you in the form of a pandemic and this has now become the plan. Either way, we are excited to help you make this private property wedding beautiful, as stress-free as possible, and celebrate you and your soon-to-be-spouse!


No one likes not being invited to a party, especially if it's within ear-shot, but sometimes it's just not appropriate to invite them.  One of the things we want to do is remain amicable and we want to notify the neighbors. The last thing we want is the police being called.

We suggest writing a nice letter, or card, and hand delivering it with a small gift. These gifts could be a fruit basket, snack basket (pretzels, mustard, cheese, crackers), a bottle of wine (or champagne), or a local restaurant gift card. For some laughs, you could toss in some earplugs!

Below is a script that you may use and customize for your letter. The goal here is to be generic enough but provide enough detail.


Hi Neighbor!

We will be joyfully celebrating (our / our daughter's / our son's) wedding ceremony and reception at our home at (insert address here) on (day of the week, month, day, year).

Festivities will begin formally at (ceremony start time AM/PM), but there will be quite a bit of hustle-and-bustle that morning and the few days leading up to the event in preparation. We apologize for any noise or inconvenience during the evening and can assure you that this is a one-time event and that the noise and music will be off by the township ordinance.

Please enjoy this (bottle of wine/gift basket/gift card) as a token of our appreciation for your patience. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. On the day of the wedding, please direct concerns or issues to our wedding planner (Alyssa/Jackie) of Miss Lyss Planning at (coordinator's phone number).

We greatly appreciate your kindness and understanding.

Thank you and all the best,

(The Future Smith's/The Smith Family/ Joe & Jane Smith)

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