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Wedding Exit Ideas

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Alyssa Christine Photography

There are a ton of fun, unique ways to end your wedding day on a high note. Below are some unique suggestions and links to products that would have your guests leaving on a high note. 

Smoke Bomb

Here's a fun twist on a sendoff and a great way to incorporate some color into your photos. These are meant for the outdoors, so an inside wedding may not be the best idea for these.

Find some options on smoke bombs here:



You can leave the manpower of bubbles up to your guests, or also utilize a bubble machine for a more effective method. Also meant for outside - we don't want guests slipping on spilled bubble juice!


Here's a safe interior option for a sendoff. You can easily DIY these, find some college-themed pompoms of your alma mater or favorite team, or add jingle bells for a little extra fun!

Glow Sticks


A safe indoor/outdoor option that you can break out a little early on the dance floor too! Photo Tip: make sure your photographer has ample time to practice the lighting needed to nail the shot.

Confetti Poppers

DEFINITELY get these okay'd by your venue in advance. Confetti is often one of those 'do not use' items because of the clean up, but some venues will allow it. Check your contract to see what is acceptable or what might run you some clean up fees.

Rave Noodles

Nothing says a party quite like a rave noodle. Like glow sticks, break these out before the end of the night for guests to enjoy. These can also double as a favor!

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