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A Miss Lyss Planning Guide: Detail Boxes

You've imagined walking down the aisle, the first look with your partner, and tearing up the dance floor with your besties. However, there are also a lot of minor details to be added and truly personalize your wedding day to be "you." A lot of that personality (and reflection of the hard work you've put in!) is in the details. So when your photographer asks for the box of details on the day of the wedding, what does that, or should that, entail?

Please do not feel that this is an exhaustive list or that you need to have all of these items. Do what feels good, makes sense, and reflects who you are.

Think about your photographer

Some photographers will hang their hats on detailed photos and use

that to differentiate themselves in the wedding industry. For some other photographers though, it may not be a strong suit.

Know that about your photographer - you can even ask them! The truth is if they do love detailed photos, you can tell from their Instagram profile and portfolio work.

If your photographer is in the second category, and detail photos are not that important to you (or you'd rather not spend their contracted hours doing this), then don't stress about all these minor details.

Make sure you still have your items organized for them the morning of the wedding so you're not digging in bags or pulling things from vehicles.

Minimally, these are the things you'd typically have with you on the day of the wedding anyway:

  • Attire - Dress, Jacket, Suit

  • Jewelry - earrings, bracelet, necklace, cufflinks, tie clip, pocket square, watch etc.

  • Rings - for both partners, perhaps a ring box

  • Headpiece - veil, hair clip, headband, etc.

  • Shoes

  • Perfume or Cologne

Detailed Items to Include, with examples

  • Bridal shoes

  • Invitation

  • Personal Clutch

  • Florals (provided by florist)

  • Teacup

Florals: Forte Florals

  • Custom Invitation Suite (invite, map, RSVP car,

  • Jewelry - earrings, rings

  • Pearl accents

Stationery: Cork and Chambers

  • Slippers / Shoes

  • Hairpieces

  • Ribbon

  • Memory Locket

  • Invitation Suite

  • Handkerchief

  • Perfume

  • Jewelry

  • Decorative pieces

Photographer: Garnet Dahlia

  • Shoes

  • Veil

  • Heirloom cake topper

  • Wax seal stamper

  • Rings and ring box

  • Custom stationery suite

  • Florals

  • Ribbon

Stationery: Cork and Chambers

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