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Sarah & Travis: A Beautiful Summer Wedding

Sarah and Travis were set up by a mutual friend. Travis was working, Sarah was in school at IUP. Sarah loves makeup and clothes, and pretty things. Travis likes grilling and beer and manly stuff. Opposites certainly attract and create beautiful love stories.

Sarah and I have known each other since middle school and have endless embarrassing pictures of each other, some of which were featured on my personal Instagram story on her wedding day (sorry, not sorry!). We are still best friends to this day and have an active Snapchat group with two of our other besties from middle school (appropriately named “THE GIRL SQUAD”). Can't help but share how beautiful my friends are below!

So it wasn’t a total shock that after Sarah and Travis' relationship grew and developed over the course of six years that Travis proposed. Needless to say, The Girl Squad was stoked for the first wedding together! That also meant it’d be the first wedding I was in and going to help coordinate...challenge accepted!

Sarah and Travis had bought a house and were focused on fixing it up for their forever and with Sarah working tons of overtime, Sue, her mom, had also stepped up to the plate of helping to organize the big day. Together, our teamwork brought a beautiful, special and memorable day for the couple and family.

Because of what I do, and being involved from the start, I was able to help recommend the vendors that I thought would work best for Sarah and Travis in terms of style, personality and budget. It was an awesome experience merging my industry family with my personal family! I knew with me in the wedding party that we needed trustworthy and exceptional vendors who I could 110% trust!

Jackie, my right hand woman!

Lastly, the key piece to this is my kick ass assistant, Jackie! I could not, repeat: COULD NOT have done this day without her patience, can-do attitude, and overall amazing soul to take lead for me. She knows how my mind and business works, understands all the little details that need perfected, and flaunts that beautiful smile and infectious laughter!

It’s said a lot in this industry, but I mean this honestly and genuinely, it was a perfect day! The weather was gorgeous- warm, not hot with a nice breeze, the vendors were all on it and had a blast working together, and the dance floor was thoroughly torn up. It was the first time in a looong time I saw Grandpa starting the congo line, and was later in a serious dance-off with the flower girl. What?!

Anyway, enjoy the amazing photography by my dear friend and fellow beautiful soul, Andrea Daugherty, feel the party vibes from DJ Mast, gawk and the gorgeous venue Moonstone Manor has, and drool over the food from Simply from Scratch.

Venue: Moonstone Manor, Elizabethtown, PA

Photographer: Andrea Daugherty

Florist: Floral Designs of Mount Joy Coordination: Miss Lyss Planning

Bridal Gown: Renaissance Bridal

Menswear: Men's Warehouse

Hair and Makeup: Lisa Tallarico

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