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Real Wedding: Timeless and Modern Married

When Taylor, Marshall, and I started working together, the couple was in the midst of moving from their home in Pennsylvania to the cold and unfamiliar Minnesota for Marshall's work.

This big, beautiful wedding they had been planning just seemed a bit more daunting for them now being halfway across the country. However, that didn't stop these two from having a stellar wedding that perfectly married timelessness with modernism. What? How, is that possible? Something timeless will stand the test of time and modernism is an ever-moving goalpost.

The secret? Their venue selections. The church, St. Patrick's Cathedral, is located in the heart of Downtown Harrisburg and has been there since 1826 - nearly 200 years old! And their cocktail and reception venue, The Willows at Ashcombe Mansion, is a stunning Queen Anne-style mansion that was built in 1891 but was renovated, refreshed, and reopened to the public and events in 2021.

With so much history and beauty in the existing spaces, see how we complemented both venues into perfect harmony.

Getting ready for both partners at Ashcombe Mansion is a breeze, there is so much room and every corner of the venue is photo-worthy!

Taylor gifted her party custom white and light blue Nikes to rock out on the dance floor; the bride wore Jimmy Choo flats herself; Taylor greeted her dad down the grand staircase before heading to the ceremony.

Anyone else getting Royal Wedding vibes? No? Just me?

We lined guests up along Harrisburg's State strick brick sidewalks for a recessional line. After the couple was complete with family photos inside, they arrived back at the Ashcombe Mansion with style in a vintage Rolls Royce.

Crisp, classic white florals will never go out of style.

A live band experience from Bachelor Boys Band had this crowd dancing all night long!


Catering - The JDK Group

Florals - Creations With You In Mind

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