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Victoria & Dan - Lancaster, PA

To celebrate Miss Lyss Planning's 5-year anniversary, we're taking a trip down memory lane and reminiscing on our some of the most memorable weddings we've been a part of. This was so hard to narrow it down to just five, but each of these weddings just keeps being replayed in our heads and hearts.

Victoria and Dan met at Millersville University and knew rather immediately that they were meant to be for each other. When they got engaged in September 2019, they knew the big plans they had needed a bit of extra support and called in Miss Lyss Planning.

Then, in the middle of planning, a little thing called the COVID-19 pandemic took everything Victoria had planned and spun it around. Unsure of what protocols and restrictions would be in place at the time of their May 2021 wedding, the plan continued to pivot and rearrange. Ultimately, what transpired was a beautiful, unique celebration that wound up being on the cutting edge of the trends we would see grow over the next few years.

To start the special day and after a meditative yoga session, Victoria and her party got ready at an adorable AirBnB on Orange Street in Lancaster. Filled with plenty of natural light and cozy spaces, it worked out perfectly for them.

A short distance from the AirBnb and in the heart of Lancaster, PA, Victoria and Dan got married at the stunning and historic St. Mary's Catholic Church. Everyone on the original guest list was invited to join the ceremony as there was plenty of space for social distancing.

After the ceremony, close family and friends were invited to join the couple at Conestoga House and Gardens, another historic and Lancaster-infamous location.

This was also when the wedding parties and families had their glamour shots taken by the phenomenal photographer, Brianna Wilbur.

I'm pretty sure Victoria and her party were the ones to make the mis-match dress trend so popular. I mean, c'mon! They look stellar!

During the ceremony, our team was hard at work setting up the small, intimate 40-person dinner party and all the stunning and special details Victoria had wanted to include.

On the built-in shelving, Victoria had meticulously designed, collected, and curated the milk bottles, taper candles, and put a lot of intention behind the photographs shared. For the 40-person guest list, each seat was specifically assigned and denoted with hand-written acryllic name plates.

As if all of these details weren't memorable enough, here's where this wedding starts to rank in our Top 5 weddings in 5 years. Reluctantly, those beautiful taper candles were lit for about 5 minutes until one of them caught those elevated florals ON FIRE. Our team quickly realized what was happening, took water glasses to the florals and made sure there wasn't any more casualties. However, there was a casualty, the salads at that setting were ruined, but the caterer didn't have any additional salad mix. To remedy the situation, one of our team members ran out to the grocery store and got more salad just in the nick of time.

Following that commotion, we unfortunately had to blow out all the candles for obvious safety reasons, but at least we got one picture, right?

After dinner had concluded, guests made their way out to the courtyard and were welcomed by the guests who had attended the ceremony. Live music provided by 3 West Productions and Victoria and Dan shared their first dance, special dances with parents, and speeches were shared.

This wedding certainly lives on repeat for so many reasons - the beautiful Lancaster, PA ties, the uniqueness of format, and all the special details that Vicotoria wanted to incorporate.

The biggest reason that this wedding is in our Top 5 is this: teamwork.

Unfortunately, a few weeks before Victoria and Dan's wedding, my grandmother had passed away. I spent a considerable amount of time with my grandmother growing up and she was such a special, hardworking, family-oriented woman. Her loss was expected, but nonetheless was heartbreaking. When the funeral was set for the same date as this event, I was crushed. But, family and myself had to come first. I called in my right-hand Jackie to step into my place, and additionally brought in reinforcements. Thankfully, the talented, hard-working, and bubbly Melissa Flood Events was able to answer that call and was a stellar teammate to have on that day.

Congratulations to you, Victoria and Dan! It was a wedding we'll never forget!

Vendor Credit:

Ceremony - St. Mary's Catholic Church (Lancaster, PA)

Reception - Conestoga House & Gardens (Lancaster, PA)

Coordination - Miss Lyss Planning

Caterer - Scarlet Runner

Stationery - Cork and Chambers

Entertainment - 3 West Productions

Dress - Sarah Seven

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